Spitting Image 'You Make Me Want To Spit' (The Last Ever Song)02:05

Spitting Image 'You Make Me Want To Spit' (The Last Ever Song)


"You make me wanna spit" is the last ever song performed at the end of the very last episode on the 18th February 1996. It features Trevor Mcdonald (as an Angel), The Queen, Tony Blair, John Major, The Queen Mother, Nelson Mandela, George Bush Sr, Norman Tebbit, Eddie and Patsy (from Absolutely Fabulous), Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, Saddam Hussein, Bob Geldof, Mikhail Gorbachev, Cilla Black, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Prince Philip, Pope John Paul II and other puppets from the show singing along to the lyrics of the song.

The song is a parody of Lulu's song "Shout".

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