Steve Coogan • (1989 - 1993)
Alistair McGowan • (1994 - 1996)
Nigel Plaskitt

John Major with SI puppeteer Nigel Plaskitt.

John Major (b. 1943) was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1990 to 1997.

Portrayal on Spitting ImageEdit

When he first came in the cabinet in Series 10, he was wearing a leopard-print jacket, with white gloves, doing some stuff, in a circus fashion. Every time he appears, he said to the Cabinet, "My father was in the circus, you know." The cabinet replies, "We know!"

Major was portrayed as a very dull, boring man. At one point the puppet was painted grey to further emphasize his boringness.

The makers of Spitting Image had a lot of troubles with Major, because he wasn't such a inspiring character to work with, compared with the previous Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Because of this, they made Thatcher's puppet reappear in the show as the person who really controlled Major. At a certain point they even invented an affair between Major and Virginia Bottomley to make Major more interesting in the show (Years later it turned out that John Major did have an affair in those years, but with Edwina Currie.)

The most famous sketch with Major featured him and his wife eating peas, while having an incredibly boring conversation. This skit became some infamous that whenever the real Major speeched in the House of Parliament, the Opposition whispered the word "peas" and "more peas, dear?", whenever he started talking.

John Major's famous grey and dull puppet

John Major sprayed grey.

John-Major's original design

John Major's original design.


The Real John Major.

John and Norma Major

Norma and John Major.

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