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Series 1 aired from 26 February to 15 April 1984.



Episodes 001 - 006 (6 episodes)



Anthony Asbury, Chris Barrie, Kevin Bradshaw, Alistair Fullarton, Louise Gold, Terry Lee, Steve Nallon, Richard Robinson

Additional Voices

Phil Cool, Chris Emmett, Jon Glover


Geoff Atkinson, Sean Carson, Richard Curtis, Ian Dagger, Ben Elton, Jeremy Hardy, Ian Hislop, Guy Jenkin, Terry Kyan, Nick Newman, Ian Pattison, Laurie Rowley, Paul Smith
with Helen Murry, Jamie Rix, Nick Wilton, Mark Gilkes, Tim John, Ian Hopkins, Graham Buxton, Bryan McAllister, Mather and Shuttleworth



Spitting Image - Complete Series 1 DVD - Network - 28 January 2008

Previous series: N/A - first
Next series: Series 2 (1984)

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