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Series 8 (known as Series 5 on DVD) was broadcast in 1988.


Episodes 047 - 052 (6 episodes)



Anthony Asbury, Donald Austen, Kevin Bradshaw, Simon Buckley, Richard Coombs, Alistair Fullarton, Steve Nallon, Nigel Plaskitt, Gillie Robic, John Thirtle


Chris Barrie, Steve Coogan, Jon Glover, Roger Kitter (#051), Jessica Martin (#048), Steve Nallon, Enn Reitel, Kate Robbins


Pablo Bach, Stephen Bendelack, Gary Bristow, Scott Brooker, Andy Emmony, Jeffery Fineberg, Jonathan Green, Patrick Haines, Steve Haines, Jackie Hallatt, Shelia Hallatt, Barnaby Harrison, Mick Hockney, Peter Kidd, Steve Mansfield, Caroline Pitcher, Andrew Robey, Paul Sanders, Philip Sharpe, Julien Short, David Stoten, Jonathan Stubbenhagen, James Sunderland
  • Writers:
Geoffrey Atkinson, Mike Barfield, Mark Burton, John Docherty, James Hendrie, Ian Hislop, Moray Hunter, Donnie Kerr, Nick Newman, John O' Farrell, Ged Parson, David Quantick, Alison Renshaw, Stuart Silver, Paul Simpkin, Kipper Williams



Spitting Image - Complete Series 5 DVD - Network - 23 March 2008

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