The Spitting Image Election Special was broadcast on Thursday 11th June 1987 at 10:00pm on ITV, befor the ITN Vote 87 special which was broadcast on the same night at 10:45pm.



Election SpecialEdit

Picture Description
SIES1 Alastair Burnet was announcing the predicted results of the election.Conservative: 359 seats, Labour: 243 seats, and Alliance: 24 seats

Then, he announces that the polls are now closed, shortly to be followed by the hospitals, the schools, and the BBC.

The title then follows. A pink model of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament being controlled by the marionette controls. Then two hands with scissors cut the strings, and the houses fell until it fell into a big splash.
SIES4 Then, cut to the ITN Vote '87 studio with Alastair Burnet, and Peter Sissons, plus a man who knows a lot about fish, Gerald Kaufman, George Younger and Roy Jenkins.
A Party Election Broadcast on behalf of the Ahem...Ahem... Party

A some-kind-of movie trailer, called: KINNOCK THE MOVIE, which made fun of a Labour Party broadcast, directed by Hugh Hudson.

Starring Neil Kinnock IS Kinnock

Bill Kinnock IS Uncle Bill

Aunt Gladys IS Aunt Gladys

The Labour Party IS totally missing

Featuring "Uncle Jim" and "Uncle Denis"

SIES7 Onwards, to the BBC Election 1987 set, where David Dimbleby was to introduce the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, but he believes it's an imposter. Then, Peter Snow introduce the viewers to two computers, one was linked to the key modem, which give them the percentages and the results, and another one, which provide the BBC presenters with instant fresh coffee, which Robin Day replies "Yes, please. White with two sugars."
SIES8 Cecil Parkinson and Jeffery Archer were concerning the theme tune for the Tory election video, but Andrew Lloyd-Webber said that he was just messing about, and Jeffery Archer, kindly replied "So is the government"
SIES9 Meanwhile, at the beach, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher tell the press, their reaction to a Labour victory.
SIES10 Alastair Burnet is about to meet the Royals, about who are they supporting, Nero tell him that they're all out, at the moment. So, Alastair will find them, somewhere else.
SIES11 First, he finds Queen Elizabeth II supporting Social Workers' Party, at Queensway Station.
SIES12 Then, Alastair finds The Duke of Edinburgh, who is not relaxing, just canvassing, with a blunderpuss, for The "White Monchary Death of the Road Slitty Eyes Go Home Gas Badgers Pull Your Finger Out" Party, in alliance with The "Why Can't My Son Get A Decent Job Rather Than Nancing Around with A Group of Pansies on Saturday Superstore" Party.
Later on, during the disco party, Prince Edward give his views to "Monster Raving Looney" Party, while Prince Andrew and his wife, Sarah Ferguson likes just any party, where they don't have to bring a bottle and ends up with a wet T-shirt contest.
SIES15 In the Sahara Desert, Alastair spotted Prince Charles, wearing Sandy Gall's old clothes (He must have a word with the wardrobe), and asks him the same question. Charles replied that he supporting the Ecologically Party, his wife, Princess Diana, doesn't know there's an election on, and the sons doesn't know a thing about politics, and Alastair figured out, "The Alliance."
SIES16 Back in the studio, Alastair then interviews Margaret Thatcher about former Labour Party leaders.
David Owen and David Steel were canvassing on David Owen's bike, when they had an accident, then they were in hospital, when they still canvassing.
Outside, Margaret Thatcher and the Conservatives are campaigning in the town. First, she met and attacked an unemployed youth (Steve Nallon).Then, tells the public "Who cares?", then she tell more people that people should be able to stand on their own two feet, before pulling the walking stick away, from an old woman.

Finally, while canvassing to a green-grocer, she sneakly pinch a bunch of bananas.

? Meanwhile, Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley are also canvassing from their party car. Kinnock remarks: "Nurses! Nurses! Pensioners! Nurses! Etc." Roy tries canvassing with "Tory Party! Tory Party!", but that didn't work out, well.
? The Labour Party sing their song "We're Useless" about not winning and about coming third.End of Part One
? Part Two

The Conservative Party have done their advertisement in a style of a Pepsi commerical

? Peter Snow welcomed us back to tell about the percentages, while Robin Day keep interuppting him.
? A Statement from The President of the United States of America.
? Back in the BBC studio, Neil Kinnock, with the assistance of Roy Hattersley, tell Robin Day what Labour believes in.
? Meanwhile in the ITN Studios, Alastair Burnet has told us their up-to-the-minute result equipment, featuring a hamster trying to get in the Conservatives door, as it's the only door not to be boarded up. The hamster haven't got that right, yet.
? Meanwhile, on with the campagins, Cecil Parkinson tries to deny about the baby, but a Tory supporter told him, that he's supposed to kiss them. Cecil feels that's different, and went to kiss a woman.

Michael Foot canvassing that Labour needed more resources, more investment, when a passer-by gave him a coin, before Neil Kinnock congratule Michael for doubling the party's fund.

Norman Tebbit is canvassing with an army tank, telling the people to "vote Tory", and warns them that voting Tory, is the only option, apart from Death.

? At a studio, top image makers Saatchi and Saatchi revealed how they transformed Margaret Thatcher from being a once, tough-head, old harrion, into being today's tough-head, old harrion, with a silly voice.
? Meanwhile, at ITN, Peter Sissons have forecasted that the New Parliament, which is the same as the old parliament, no changes, at the moment.
? Suddenly, it was interupped by [[
? Back


Alastair Burnet, Peter Sissons, a man who knows a lot about fish, Gearld Kaufman, George Younger, Roy Jenkins, Neil Kinnock, Glenys Kinnock, James Callaghan, Denis Healey, David Dimbleby, Margaret Thatcher, Peter Snow, Robin Day, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jeffery Archer, Cecil Parkinson, Ronald Reagan, Nero, Queen Elizabeth II, The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Prince Charles, David Owen, David Steel, Nigel Lawson, Douglas Hurd, Michael Foot, Norman Tebbit, Saatchi and Saatchi

Background Characters

Caspar Weinberger, Francios Mitterand, Queen Victoria, Norris Dimbleby, Harold Wilson

Referenced Characters

Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry


Steve Nallon,



Anthony Asbury, Kevin Bradshaw, Richard Coombs, Alistair Fullarton, Nigel Plaskitt, Martin P. Robinson, Andrew Sinclair, Ian Thom


John Eccleston, Geoffrey Felix, Angie Passmore, Marie Phillips, William Todd-Jones


Chris Barrie as Roy Jenkins, James Callaghan, Neil Kinnock, Robin Day, Jeffery Archer, Ronald Reagan, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, David Owen, Michael Foot
Harry Enfield as Pig Reporter, David Steel
Jon Glover as Alastair Burnet, Gerald Kaufman, George Younger, Cecil Parkinson, The Duke of Edinburgh
Jessica Martin as Queen Elizabeth II, Sarah Ferguson, Mary Whitehouse, Princess Michael of Kent
Steve Nallon as Denis Healey, Margaret Thatcher, Roy Hattersley
Enn Reitel as "A man who knows a lot about fish," Peter Snow,
John Sessions as Peter Sissons, David Dimbleby, Caspar Weinberger, Prince Edward,


Jolly Avery, Pablo Bach, Sue Baxter, Stephen Bendelack, Scott Brooker, Neil Cummings, Jeffery Fineberg, Andrew Geddes, Charmanie Goodchild, Patrick Haines, Jackie Hallatt, Peter Kidd, Stephen Mansfield, Andrew Robey, Toby Sherborne, Julien Short, Spike, David Stoten, Johnny Stubbenhagen, Michelle Theobald, Tim Watts
  • Costume Design: Sue Gibson
  • Wigs: Charles
  • Production Team: John Bayliss, Sandra Bindon, Jenny Challenger, Katie Coley, Alice Cooper, Wendy Fraser, Alison Gayfer, Sue Harmer, Rosie Hoare, Anne Ibbotson, Martin Page, Graham Parker, Fiona Napier, Britt Samuels, Roma Wilson
  • Written by:
Ian Hislop and Nick Newman
  • with
Geoff Atkinson, Christopher Burman and Nigel Purton, Paul Clark, Mat Coward, Andy Hamilton, Moray Hunter and John Docherty, Guy Jenkin, David Kind, David Quatnick, Mick Shirley, Paul Simpkin

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