During the first series of Spitting Image, there was a title sequence, to say that politics and puppetery can thumb|250px|right|Spitting Image Opening from Episode 006mix.


First, the hand reaches the marionette controls and control the following:

  • Margaret Thatcher fisting on the table twice.
  • Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan sitting outside.
  • Francois Mitterand tapping his finger twice.
  • Prince Charles playing with a boomerang.
  • Neil Kinnock and Glenys Kinnock accidentally fall over on the beach. (Consists of a pair of scissors cutting the strings of Neil Kinnock)
  • Jesse Jackson calming the audience down during a rally.
  • Yuri Andropov's face get covered by a newspaper cutting of Chernenko held by a hand, while another pair of hands patiently controls Andropov's standing.
  • Tony Benn's hands get controlled.
  • Princess Diana and her son William are in the frame. One hand controls William's head, while another hand uses a squirter that squirts onto William's mouth. The flat screen goes to normal, the strings disappear and the Spitting Image logo appears.

Granada PlusEdit

First, the hand reaches the marionette controls and control the following:


  • On Granada Plus, the Diana and William part got cut, and was replaced with a Spitting Image logo, which goes green after the last note.

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