We've Got Beards is a 1986 parody of ZZ Top's "Legs", and affectionately pokes fun at ZZ Top and their facial hair - or lack of, in reference to the drummer. It was written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor and was released on the "Spit In Your Ear" LP.

Spitting Image - We Got Beards02:57

Spitting Image - We Got Beards

Spitting Image - We Got Beards

Lyrics Edit

We got beards
And teeth like beavers
We got hair
Coming out of our chins
We got beards
Flowing like rivers
We got beards
Except for him

We got beards
We don't use razors
We got growth
Of the longer sorts
We got beards
We sure ain't shavers
We got beards
And we don't mean short

So what else
Can we say about us
Apart from beards
Which you know we've got
Erm... hey, what about our beards?
Hey yeah!
We got beards
Down to our trousers
We got beards
That's what we've got
...except for him

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